Email Marketing Trends you Should Follow to Get More Leads

Marketing trends change with time and technology. It has changed more rapidly in the last five years and it continues to grow and evolve today. The advanced technology such as visuals and artificial intelligence are no longer just in the science- fiction movies, they have become an important part of digital marketing. If you want to succeed and promote your business like nothing else then you should evolve your marketing strategies around high- tech. With so many brands competing side by side for the same customers; the one who will change and adapt its marketing according to the mind of people, will succeed.

Email marketing

If you think that email marketing is old school now then you are wrong. It is as successful as any other online marketing trends. Infact emails are 40 times more effective in attracting new customers than any other social media networks. If you spend $1 on email marketing then you will get $38 in return.Email marketing is one the most easy and effective way to communicate with your customers and enhance your sales. It can also increase brand awareness, boost your bottom line and generate quality leads. But how can you get the most out of your email marketing? How can you do it right to achieve all this? The answer is simple. If you want to keep up with customers and online marketing then you need to follow the latest trends. We have gathered the famous trends that you should know about email marketing.

Artificial intelligence

The way artificial intelligence has taken over the world, it is no news to anyone that it can do multiple things and can be used for various useful purposes. Marketers are using AI as well because they believe that it is the future of the world.AI can handle the following things
  • Improve Sales
  • Variety of marketing tasks
  • Can create personalized recommendations
  • Predicts customer actions
  • Provide qualifies and engaging leads
Whereas in email marketing it can
  • Engage subject lines
  • Automating optimized content
  • Determine the best time to send emails
  • Improves your retargeting strategies
  • Customize email promotions


The time when you addressed your customer by his/her first name is long gone. It is time to make the emails more personalized and make content that is important to that specific person. It will help is many ways such as
  • Increases click through rates by 14%
  • Boosts conversion by 10%
  • Increases your revenues
  • Builds your relationship with your customer because he will feel the email is more exclusive and private.
  • Increases customer engagement
  • It puts a face behind your brand

Mobile friendly

Consider it the most important one in the list of trends because 79% of the customers open emails on the mobile phones. No one wants to wait till they go home and open their laptop to check an email. It was found in a study that customers deleted the emails that did not open in mobiles. It can make or break your sales. If your email is not mobile friendly then it is surely going straight to the junk folder.

Interactive emails

Making the emails look and feel like a website can change your email marketing game. By adding a new layer of interactivity you are making customer’s experience more quick and fluid. Benefits of this
  • Improves click open rate by 73%
  • Customer can quickly place orders
  • They can customize their carts
  • Overall provides a better experience
You can make interactive emails by adding quizzes and games, rotating banners, image galleries, sliders, reviews, menus, search bars, promotions etc.

Protect customer data

This trend has been going on for years and customer know that you use their data to provide a cm=more customized experience to them but getting spams related to their information can be frustrating. So, building a trust is important. The customer should feel that you will not invade their privacy. Be transparent, don’t send too many emails, protect their data from data- mining and scraping.

Add videos

You can now add videos by the use of HTML 5. The users of latest mobile phone will be able to play the videos whereas if the customers do not have the latest technology then add GIFs or use a play option on top of an image. Embedded videos increase the click open rate by 200-300%.

Use simple language

It does not matter if you are a business man or a lawyer or anything else, you do not need to sound robotic or highly professional when contacting your clients. It sounds artificial and the customers does not feel the connection with you.

Use text more often

If the technology is getting advanced then people are getting smarter as well. They use ad blockers on their phones. Keeping an email simple i.e. text driver trend. The email will look more like a letter. They are easy to create, saves you a lot of money and are effective as well. Win win situation.

Trigger based emails

These are auto res-ponders and they keep the customers engaged. These are sent when customer’s abandoned carts, in case of reordering prompts or new sign ups. You can use artificial intelligence or automation for this purpose. This trend provides you 18 times more profit and 4 times more revenue. You re-engage your leads.

Other trends include

  • Take reviews about your approach. Customer’s feedback is essential in making your business grow.
  • Match your email with landing page
  • Add chat bots
  • Segment your audience. It increases relevance; open and click rates.
  • Make emails shareable. It increases brand visibility.
  • Gate your content. It will lead to more qualified leads.

Bottom line

In order to keep up with the competing parties, you need to improve your strategies. If you want to increase open rates, nurture leads or build a connection with your customers, emails are a great source to do all this. These email marketing trends can boosts your sales to a great extent. It does not have to be complicated and expensive.

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